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Inscription aux cours de Wing

Veuillez remplir le formulaire suivant pour participer à notre activité.

Etes-vous déjà venu au KSL ?


As the kite is weather dependent, we will contact you the day before to set up an appointment depending on the weather. Please indicate your availability dates.


Remember to bring water, a snack, neoprene slippers and a pair of sunglasses with a cord.

My level of practice

Please check your acquired kite/wing level. Only the instructor will judge your level during the course.

Cours de wing 2h : 110€ (130€ Juillet/Aout)
Navigation encadrée 3h : 90€ (110€ Juillet/Aout)
Cours particulier 250€ 2h

KSL Club Membership

To take lessons at the club, you must be a member of the club. Annual membership is €30, included in the price of the license.

The FFV license

All students must have a RC (Civil Liability).

Please note, personal insurance most of the time covers kiting for leisure, and not in school under the supervision of an instructor.

If your insurance covers liability, please bring us a certificate from your insurance stating that you are "covered in liability for kitesurfing in schools".

If you have never taken out an FFV license, from September 1st, the license is valid for the following year.

Licence FFV

It is recommended to subscribe to the Individual Accident (IA) option, directly on your FFV licensed space.

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